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Horoscope NuGet

A .NET library for zodiac signs. Get details on each zodiac sign, pass a date and know which zodiac sign it falls in or get a list of all zodiac signs. Now includes Chinese zodiac signs and elements! Download package on NuGet.

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How to use


Library can either be directly downloaded from, OR installed via the NuGet Package Manager UI or via the Package Manager Console if you're using Visual Studio.

Command to install Horoscope NuGet via the Package Manager Console UI in Visual Studio shown below.

PM> Install-Package Horoscope 


Include the namespace in your program.

using Horoscope;

Then go ahead and consume it.

var zodiacSign = Zodiac.GetZodiacSignForDate(new DateTime(1950, 2, 12));

More examples


Release notes


Bumped version to 0.0.5-alpha with minor refactoring to the solution to support CI/CD.


Does not exist.


Now includes Chinese zodiac signs, fixed elements (i.e., wood, fire, earth, metal, water) and yin yang associated with each Chinese zodiac sign.


Includes basic functionality to get Zodiac signs.


Beta release.


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