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McRave is a simple AI that can play all 3 races to an extent, but is best at Protoss Zerg. It has a small but refined set of builds it is capable of performing, as well as reactions to enemy builds and tech choices. The goal of McRave is to play as closely to humans play, regardless of the AI meta, so that it may be prepared for the future when AI can compete at the level of professional Broodwar players.

Recent Results:

  • Zerg: 7th CoG 2020 (31.64% Winrate)
  • Zerg: 5th AIIDE 2020 (57.22% Winrate)
  • Zerg: 3rd CoG 2021 (68.17% Winrate)
  • Zerg: 5th AIIDE 2021 (41.7% Winrate)
  • Zerg: 4th CoG 2022 (68.6% Winrate)
  • Zerg: 5th AIIDE 2022 (58.1% Winrate)

Thanks to:

  • Nathan Roth (Antiga/Iruian) for providing expert analysis of replays and being a strategic advisor.
  • Dan Gant (PurpleWave) for help with learning C++ and good coding practice.
  • John J (jaj22) for help with learning C++ and Broodwar engine mechanics.
  • Hannes Bredberg (N00byEdge) for helping with optimization of my code and learning more advanced C++ features.


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