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(ns cljminecraft.config
"Provides a thin wrapper for bukkit config"
(:require [cljminecraft.logging :as logging])
(:require [cljminecraft.util :as util]))
(defn config-defaults
"Loads the bukkit config file for the given plugin and sets defaults, returns a configuration object"
(.saveDefaultConfig plugin))
(defn defcn [type]
`(defn ~(symbol (str "get-" (name type))) [~(symbol "plugin") ~(symbol "path")]
(~(symbol (str ".get" (util/camelcase (name type)))) (.getConfig ~(symbol "plugin")) ~(symbol "path"))
(catch Exception ~(symbol "e") nil))))
(defmacro defcns [& types]
(let [forms (map defcn types)]
`(do ~@forms)))
;; This creates the functions (get-... plugin path), eg
;; (get-string plugin path) to get specific config
;; entries with the correct types.
(defcns string int boolean double long list string-list integer-list boolean-list double-list float-list long-list byte-list character-list short-list map-list vector offline-player item-stack configuration-section)
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