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"Event handlers for bukkit"
(:require [cljminecraft.logging :as log]
[cljminecraft.util :as util]
[cljminecraft.bukkit :as bk]
[cljminecraft.player :as plr]))
(defonce actions (util/map-enums org.bukkit.event.block.Action))
(defonce priorities (util/map-enums org.bukkit.event.EventPriority))
(defn handle-event [f e]
(if-let [response (f e)]
(if (:msg response) (plr/send-msg e (:msg response))))))
(defn register-event [plugin eventname f & [priority-key]]
(let [eventclass (resolve (symbol (util/package-classname "org.bukkit.event" (str eventname "-event"))))]
(log/info "Registering event %s for plugin %s" eventname (.getName plugin))
(proxy [org.bukkit.event.Listener] [])
(get priorities (or priority-key :normal))
(proxy [org.bukkit.plugin.EventExecutor] []
(execute [l e] (handle-event f e)))
(defonce registered-events
(atom #{}))
(defn register-eventlist [plugin events]
(doseq [ev events]
(when-not (@registered-events ev)
(swap! registered-events conj ev)
(register-event plugin (:eventname ev) (:event-fn ev) (:priority ev))
(defn event
"Convenience function for registering events, eventname being prefixed with org.bukkit.event.
and camelcased so that you can simply call (onevent block.block-break-event [e] (logging/info (bean e)))
to register for the org.bukkit.event.block.BlockBreakEvent and run the body with the BlockBreakEvent as its only
[eventname fn & [priority]]
{:eventname eventname
:event-fn fn
:priority priority})
(defn find-event [name]
(let [classes (util/find-subclasses "org.bukkit" org.bukkit.event.Event)
names (map #(.replaceAll
(.replaceAll (util/class-named %) "org.bukkit.event." "")
"-event$" "") classes)]
(filter #(.contains % (.toLowerCase name)) names)))
(def boring-methods #{"getHandlers" "getHandlerList" "wait" "equals" "toString" "hashCode" "getClass" "notify" "notifyAll" "isAsynchronous"})
(defn describe-event [eventname]
(let [classname (util/package-classname "org.bukkit.event" (str eventname "-event"))
cl (resolve (symbol classname))]
(filter #(not (contains? boring-methods %))
(map #(:name (bean %)) (seq (:methods (bean cl))))))))