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(ns cljminecraft.player
(:require [cljminecraft.bukkit :as bk]
[cljminecraft.util :as util]
[cljminecraft.items :as items]))
;; Various player helper functions
(defn broadcast
"Broadcast a message to all players"
[format & args]
(apply bk/broadcast format args))
(defn broadcast-permission
"Broadcast a message to all players with a given permission"
[permission format & args]
(apply bk/broadcast permission format args))
(defprotocol HasPlayer
(get-player [this]))
(defmacro event-player [event-name]
(let [evclass (util/package-classname "org.bukkit.event" (str event-name "-event"))]
~(symbol evclass) HasPlayer
(~(symbol "get-player") [~(symbol "this")] (.getPlayer ~(symbol "this"))))))
(event-player block.block-break)
(event-player block.block-damage)
(event-player block.block-ignite)
(event-player block.block-place)
(event-player block.sign-change)
(event-player hanging.hanging-place)
(event-player inventory.inventory-click)
(event-player inventory.inventory-close)
(event-player inventory.inventory-open)
(event-player painting.painting-place)
(event-player player.player)
(extend-type org.bukkit.inventory.InventoryView
(get-player [this] (.getPlayer this)))
(extend-type String
(get-player [this] (.getPlayer (bk/server) this)))
(extend-type org.bukkit.entity.Player
(get-player [this] this))
(defn send-msg [player fmt & args]
(.sendMessage (get-player player) (apply format fmt args)))
(defn give [player material-key & [qty]]
(let [stack (items/item-stack material-key qty)
player (get-player player)]
(.addItem (.getInventory (get-player player)) (into-array org.bukkit.inventory.ItemStack [stack]))))
(defonce permission-attachments (atom {}))
(defn permission-attach-player!
"Attach a player to a plugin for permission handling - clj-minecraft handles this automatically, so you shouldn't need to."
[plugin player]
(let [plr (get-player player)]
(if-not (contains? @permission-attachments (.getName plr))
(swap! permission-attachments assoc (.getName plr) (.addAttachment plr plugin)))))
(defn permission-detach-player!
"Detach a player from permission handling - clj-minecraft handles this automatically, so you shouldn't need to."
(let [plr (get-player player)
attach (get @permission-attachments (.getName plr))]
(.removeAttachment plr attach)
(catch Exception e nil))
(swap! permission-attachments dissoc (.getName plr))))
(defn permission-attach-all!
(doseq [plr (.getOnlinePlayers (.getServer plugin))]
(permission-attach-player! plugin plr)))
(defn permission-detach-all!
(doseq [plr (keys @permission-attachments)]
(permission-detach-player! plr)))
(defn defined-permissions []
(for [plugin (.getPlugins (bk/plugin-manager))
permission (.getPermissions (.getDescription plugin))]
(.getName permission)))
(defn command-permissions []
(for [plugin (.getPlugins (bk/plugin-manager))
i (.values (.getCommands (.getDescription plugin)))]
(.get i "permission")))
(defn find-permission
"Finds permissions starting with a given name"
(let [permissionlist (concat (defined-permissions) (command-permissions))]
(filter #(.startsWith % name) permissionlist)))
(defn has-permission
"Check if a player has a permission - this does an implicit (get-player player), so you can pass in a String, Player, Event (that has .getPlayer), InventoryView, etc. (see get-player protocol)"
[player permission]
(let [plr (get-player player)]
(.hasPermission plr permission)))
(defn set-permission
"This uses the clj-minecraft permission handling to set a permission. This is very simplistic and really for basic permission setting so that you don't need another plugin for the basic permission management - allow-type can be :allow, :disallow or :release - :disallow actively disallows a permission, where :release just unsets it and lets possibly another plugin set it again."
[player permission allow-type]
(let [plr (get-player player)
attach (get @permission-attachments (.getName plr))]
(case allow-type
:allow (.setPermission attach permission true)
:disallow (.setPermission attach permission false)
:release (.unsetPermission attach permission))))
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