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(:require [cljminecraft.player :as plr])
(:require [cljminecraft.bukkit :as bk])
(:require [cljminecraft.items :as items])
(:import [org.bukkit.inventory ShapedRecipe ShapelessRecipe ItemStack]))
(defn shapeless [material-map result ingredients qty]
(let [result (ShapelessRecipe. (items/item-stack result qty))]
(doseq [c ingredients]
(.addIngredient result (items/get-material (get material-map c))))
(defn shaped [material-map result ingredients qty]
(let [result (ShapedRecipe. (items/item-stack result qty))]
(.shape result (into-array String ingredients))
(doseq [[c mkey] material-map]
(.setIngredient result (char c) (items/get-material mkey))
(catch Exception e
;; Wow, dumb idea to throw an exception if the ingredient
;; doesn't appear in a shape.
(defn recipe [material-map result ingredients & [qty]]
(if (coll? ingredients)
(shaped material-map result ingredients (or qty 1))
(shapeless material-map result ingredients (or qty 1))))
(defn register-recipes
[& recipes]
(doseq [recipe recipes]
(.addRecipe (bk/server) recipe)))
#_(def material-map
{\W :wood \D :dirt \S :stone \O :compass})
(recipe material-map :ink_sack "WW" 2)
(recipe material-map :monster_egg [" D " "DWD" " D "]))