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(ns cljminecraft.util
(:require [clojure.set :as set])
(:require [cljminecraft.logging :as log])
(:import ( ServerSocket InetSocketAddress))
(:import ( IOException))
(defmacro map-enums [enumclass]
`(apply merge (map #(hash-map (keyword (.toLowerCase (.name %))) %) (~(symbol (apply str (name enumclass) "/values"))))))
(defmacro auto-proxy
"Automatically build a proxy, stubbing out useless entries, ala:"
[interfaces variables & args]
(let [defined (set (map #(str (first %)) args))
names (fn [i] (map #(.getName %) (.getMethods i)))
all-names (into #{} (apply concat (map names (map resolve interfaces))))
undefined (set/difference all-names defined)
auto-gen (map (fn [x] `(~(symbol x) [& ~'args])) undefined)]
`(proxy ~interfaces ~variables ~@args ~@auto-gen)))
(defn capitalize [s]
(if (> (count s) 0)
(str (Character/toUpperCase (.charAt s 0))
(.toLowerCase (subs s 1)))
(defn capitalize-all [s]
(let [matcher (re-matcher #"(\w+)" s)
buffer (new StringBuffer)]
(while (.find matcher)
(.appendReplacement matcher buffer (capitalize (.group matcher 1))))
(.appendTail matcher buffer)
(.toString buffer)))
(defn camelcase
"Removes dashes, camelcases words and then removes spaces."
(.replaceAll (capitalize-all str) "-" ""))
(defn uncamelcase
"Add dashes and lowercase everything"
(.substring (.toLowerCase (.replaceAll str "([A-Z])" "-$1")) 1))
(defn glue [sep & strs]
(apply str (interpose sep (filter #(and (not (nil? %)) (> (.length (.trim (str %))) 0)) strs))))
(defmacro let-info
"A let replacement that logs the bindings at each step. Useful for debugging."
[bindings & body]
(let [split (partition 2 bindings)
info-bindings (map (fn [[n _]] `(~(symbol "_") (log/info ~(str (if (instance? clojure.lang.Named n) (name n) (str n)) ":" ) ~n))) split)]
`(let [~@(apply concat (interleave split info-bindings))]
(defn package-classname [base-package nm]
(let [split (seq (.split nm "[.]"))
classname (camelcase (last split))
package (apply glue "." base-package (pop (vec split)))]
(glue "." package classname)))
(defn class-named [class]
(let [split (seq (.split (.getName class) "[.]"))
classname (uncamelcase (last split))
package (apply glue "." (pop (vec split)))]
(glue "." package classname)))
(defn port-in-use? [port bind]
(let [bind-addr (if (InetSocketAddress. bind port) (InetSocketAddress. port))]
(with-open [ss (ServerSocket. port 0 (.getAddress bind-addr))] false)
(catch IOException e true))))
(defn throw-runtime [fmt & args]
(throw (java.lang.RuntimeException. (apply format fmt args))))
(defn find-subclasses [package-name class]
(filter #(not (nil? %))
(seq (.getSubTypesOf (org.reflections.Reflections.
(into-array org.reflections.scanners.Scanner []))