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(:require [cljminecraft.bukkit :as bk])
(:require [cljminecraft.player :as plr])
(:require [cljminecraft.util :as util])
(:import [org.bukkit.material Directional]
[org.bukkit Location]
[org.bukkit.util Vector]))
(def effects (util/map-enums org.bukkit.Effect))
(def sounds (util/map-enums org.bukkit.Sound))
(def treetypes (util/map-enums org.bukkit.TreeType))
(defn facing-block
"If this is a directional block, will return the block it's facing, otherwise it will return the block itself"
(when-not (.isLoaded (.getChunk block))
(.load (.getChunk block)))
(let [data (.. block getState getData)]
(if (instance? Directional data)
(.getFace block (.getFacing data))
(defn explode
"Creates an explosion at a given location"
[location power & [fire?]]
(.createExplosion (.getWorld location) location power (or fire? false)))
(defn coerce-vector
"Coerces a [x y z] vec a org.bukkit.util.Vector"
;; TODO: Look into making this an open type - ie, either protocol or defmulti
(instance? Vector vec) vec
(coll? vec)
(let [[x y z] vec] (Vector. x y z))
(defn arrow
"Pew! direction is either a org.bukkit.util.Vector or a [x y z] vec"
[location direction & [speed spread]]
(let [vector (coerce-vector direction)]
(.spawnArrow (.getWorld location) vector (or speed 0.6) (or spread 12))))
(defn lightning
[location & [effectonly?]]
(if effectonly?
(.strikeLightningEffect (.getWorld location) location)
(.strikeLightning (.getWorld location) location)))
(defn effect [location effect-key data & [radius]]
(if radius
(.playEffect (.getWorld location) location effect data radius)
(.playEffect (.getWorld location) location effect data)))
(defn sound [location sound-key volume pitch]
(if-let [sound (get sounds sound-key)]
(.playSound (.getWorld location) location sound volume pitch)))
(defn generate-tree [location treetype-key & [change-delegate]]
(let [world (.getWorld location)
treetype (get treetypes treetype-key)]
(if change-delegate
(.generateTree location treetype change-delegate)
(.generateTree location treetype))))