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Fill out the block drawing implementation

Tweak the get-materials to always return material-data and never just Material for consistency - possible API breaking change
some repl scratchpatching
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CmdrDats committed Dec 18, 2012
1 parent af62393 commit 8d41bce4da418821ecb1490510fd0daadd720750
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@@ -23,6 +23,14 @@ understand what changes are made and adjust your plugins accordingly.
19 December 2012:
- get-material now always returns MaterialData and never Material for consistency
- Note that this could lead to API breaks
- Implement the first working version of the block drawing primitives
- Similar idea to Logo, forward x, turn-right, forward x, extrude :up x
- Playing with more things in the repl.clj scratchpatch
- Noticed that you can send a block change to a player without changing the world.. I'll look into building the functionality to setup a 'virtual' paint mode in the block drawing. Either for all players, a list of players or a single player. It would need to track the virtual paint unless cleared so that it can resend it to players as required.
17 December 2012:
- Implement entity searching function
- Drop item function
@@ -1,120 +1,159 @@
(ns cljminecraft.blocks
(:require [cljminecraft.items :as i]))
(defn turn-direction
"Set the current facing direction, relative to the current direction (imagine current direction as north)"
(defn move-direction
"Move relative to the origin and current facing direction"
[[x y z]]
(:require [cljminecraft.logging :as log]
[cljminecraft.items :as i]
[cljminecraft.player :as plr]
[cljminecraft.bukkit :as bk]))
(defn left-face [key]
({:up :up, :down :down
:north :east, :east :south
:south :west, :west :north} key))
(defn right-face [key]
({:up :up, :down :down
:north :west, :west :south
:south :east, :east :north} key))
(defn opposite-face [key]
({:up :down, :down :up
:north :south, :south :north
:east :west, :west :east} key))
(defn find-relative-dir [d r]
({:north d :south (opposite-face d) :east (left-face d) :west (right-face d) :up :up :down :down} r))
(defn move [{:keys [origin direction material painting?] :as ctx} & [relativedir x]]
(let [d (find-relative-dir direction relativedir)
startblock (.getBlock origin)
m (i/get-material material)]
(when painting?
(doseq [i (range (or x 1))]
(doto (.getRelative startblock (get i/blockfaces d) i)
(.setData 0)
(.setType (.getItemType m))
(.setData (.getData m)))))
(assoc ctx :origin (.getLocation (.getRelative startblock (get i/blockfaces d) (or x 1))))))
(defn turn [{:keys [direction] :as ctx} & [relativedir]]
(assoc ctx :direction (find-relative-dir direction relativedir)))
(defmulti run-action (fn [ctx a] (:action a)))
(defn run-actions [ctx & actions]
(loop [a (first actions)
r (rest actions)
context ctx]
(nil? a) context
(and (coll? a) (not (map? a))) (recur (first a) (concat (rest a) r) context)
(recur (first r) (rest r) (run-action context a)))))
(defmethod run-action :move [ctx {:keys [direction distance]}]
(move ctx direction distance))
(defn forward [& [x]]
{:action :move :direction :north :distance x})
(defn back [& [x]]
{:action :move :direction :south :distance x})
(defn left [& [x]]
{:action :move :direction :east :distance x})
(defn right [& [x]]
{:action :move :direction :west :distance x})
(defn up [& [x]]
(move-direction [0 (- 0 (or x 1)) 0]))
{:action :move :direction :up :distance x})
(defn down [& [x]]
(move-direction [0 (or x 1) 0]))
(defn left [x]
(move-direction [(- 0 (or x 1)) 0 0]))
(defn right [x]
(move-direction [(or x 1) 0 0]))
{:action :move :direction :down :distance x})
(defn forward [x]
(move-direction [0 0 (or x 1)]))
(defn back [x]
(move-direction [0 0 (- 0 (or x 1))]))
(defmethod run-action :turn [ctx {:keys [direction]}]
(turn ctx direction))
(defn turn-left []
(turn-direction :east))
{:action :turn :direction :east})
(defn turn-right []
(turn-direction :west))
{:action :turn :direction :west})
(defn turn-up []
(turn-direction :up))
(defn turn-around []
{:action :turn :direction :south})
(defn turn-down []
(turn-direction :down))
(defmethod run-action :pen [ctx {:keys [type]}]
(case type
:up (assoc ctx :painting? false)
:down (assoc ctx :painting? true)
:toggle (assoc ctx :painting? (not (:painting? ctx)))))
(defn turn-around []
(turn-direction :south))
(defn pen-up []
{:action :pen :type :up})
(defn pen-down []
{:action :pen :type :down})
(defn material
"Set the current 'painted' material :none, or nil for 'pen up', ie - no effect."
(defn pen-toggle []
{:action :pen :type :toggle})
(defn penup [])
(defmethod run-action :material [ctx {:keys [matkey]}]
(assoc ctx :material matkey))
(defn pendown [])
(defn material [material-key]
{:action :material :matkey material-key})
(defn fork
"Run the given actions seperate to the main context. This could run parallel to your main process, but it generally means that your position is left unchanged"
[& actions])
(defmethod run-action :mark [{:keys [marks origin direction] :as ctx} {:keys [uuid]}]
(assoc ctx :marks (assoc marks uuid (dissoc ctx marks))))
(defn extend-actions
"For the to-action, do the extended action after every movement in the to-action.."
[extended-actions & to-actions]
(for [to-action to-actions]
(fork extended-action)]))
(defmethod run-action :jump [{:keys [marks] :as ctx} {:keys [uuid clear]}]
(let [mark (get marks uuid {})]
(merge (if clear (update-in ctx [:marks] dissoc uuid) ctx) mark)))
(defn test-fn
"Test an expression, given the current context - executing actions in the true of false block as required"
[fn true-block & [false-block]])
(defn gen-mark []
(.toString (java.util.UUID/randomUUID)))
(defn if-material
"Decision branch depending on material"
[material-key true-block & [false-block]])
(defn mark [m]
{:action :mark :uuid m})
(defn run-actions
[origin direction])
(defn jump [m & [clear-mark]]
{:action :jump :uuid m :clear clear-mark})
(defn extrude [direction x & actions]
(let [m (gen-mark)]
(for [c (range x)]
[(mark m)
(jump m true)
{:action :move :direction direction :distance 1}]
(defn setup-context [player-name]
{:origin (.getLocation (plr/get-player player-name))
:direction :north
:material :wool
:painting? true
:marks {}})
"To define a house:"
(defn wall [length height]
[(forward length)]
(for [_ (range heigth)] (up))))
(forward length)
(defn house-walls [width length height]
[(wall width height)
(wall length height)
(wall width height)
[(forward width)
(right length)
(back width)
(left length)]
(up height))
(let [marker (generate-marker)]
(mark marker)
(foward width)
(right length)
(up height)
(fill-to-mark marker :air)
[(forward width)
(right length)
(back width)
(left length)]
(up height))))
(let [shuffled (shuffle players)]
(def ctx (setup-context (first (.getOnlinePlayers (bk/server)))))
(defn floor-part []
[(forward 5) (turn-right) (forward 1) (turn-right) (forward 5) (turn-left) (forward 1) (turn-left)])
(defn floor []
[(floor-part) (floor-part) (floor-part) (floor-part) (floor-part) (floor-part) (floor-part) (floor-part)])
(run-actions ctx
(material :air)
(floor) (turn-around) (up) (floor))
(material :air)
:up 10
(forward 10) (right 10) (back 8) (left 2) (back 2) (left 8))
@@ -1,5 +1,6 @@
(ns cljminecraft.items
(:require [cljminecraft.util :as util])
(:require [cljminecraft.util :as util]
[cljminecraft.logging :as log])
(:require [cljminecraft.entity :as ent])
(:import [org.bukkit TreeSpecies Material])
(:import [org.bukkit.material
@@ -213,13 +214,12 @@
(if (number? val)
(.getNewData material val)
(get-new-data (.getData material) material (rest material-key))))
(get materials material-key)))
(let [material (get materials material-key)]
(get-new-data (.getData material) material []))))
(defn item-stack [material-key & [qty]]
(let [material (get-material material-key)]
(if (instance? MaterialData material)
(.toItemStack (or qty 1))
(ItemStack. material (or qty 1)))))
(.toItemStack material (or qty 1))))
(defn drop-item [location itemstack & [naturally?]]
(if naturally?
@@ -36,12 +36,16 @@
(defn ondie [ev]
(.setDeathMessage ev "You fool!"))
(let [m (i/get-material [:wool :yellow])]
(doseq [x (range 10)
y (range 10)]
(let [l (.getLocation (plr/get-player "CmdrDats"))]
(.setY l (- (.getY l) 1))
(.setX l (- (.getX l) x))
(.setZ l (- (.getZ l) y))
(if (not= (.getType (.getBlock l)) (i/get-material :air))
(.sendBlockChange (plr/get-player "DatsGuest") l (.getItemType m) (.getData m))))))
(ev/register-event @plugin "player.player-drop-item" #'drop-dirt)
(ev/register-event @plugin "player.player-interact" #'interact)
(ev/register-event @plugin "entity.player-death" #'ondie)

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