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Recipe management

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Recipe management

(:require [ :as r])

Source: recipes.clj


Lets you define new shaped or shapeless recipes in a consistent, quick, declarative style.


An example (from recipes.clj) should make the most sense:

(def material-map
  {\W :wood \D :dirt \S :stone \O :compass})

 (recipe material-map :ink_sack "WW" 2)
 (recipe material-map :monster_egg [" D " "DWD" " D "]))

So, here we're defining an unshaped recipe that takes 2 Wood to create 2 ink sacks (makes sense, right?) and a shaped recipe (notice the square brackets for a vector) to create a monster egg out of wood-in-the-middle and dirt-on-every-side.

See the materials at the Item functions for an expanding explanation of how the material :keywords work.

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