Miraslide is a an Android application to use external display to show presentations (PDF slides...) while you control the slides on your device.
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MiraSlide is a Miracast (Wireless or HDMI Display) Presentation Viewer.

The MiraSlide goal is to answer to a simple need : conference speakers are either congested or slaves of the equipment loaned, or both. Here, the Wireless Display associated with a device lighter than a computer used as remote control allow us to stream and control the slides from your phone / tablet, in addition to having in hand the additional information that can provide a computer (stopwatch, notes ...).

You can now also read your speaker's notes on the remote (your device)

You can download the application on the Android Play Store : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=fr.cmoatoto.miraslide

You can read an article (in French) about how I used the Wireless Display API in MiraSlide here : http://software.intel.com/fr-fr/blogs/2013/12/14/miraslide-d-velopper-une-application-android-42-multi-cran-exploitant-le-widi-par-0

v1.2.1 ***

Fix crash when opening presentation without Speaker's notes

v1.2 ***

Add Speaker's notes support : Load notes and see what you should say for the current slide

v1.0.1 ***

Fix permission : Add Read external Storage to let Android 4.4 user to open file from their sdcard

Workaround for a bug while retrieving the filename of a file. Now, you can have a "null" file loaded ("null" because it can't find the real file name)

v1 *** initial import