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Concurrent Collections Specification Compiler

Author: Ryan Newton, Copyright 2009-2011

This directory contains an implementation of a compiler/translator for program specifications in the Concurrent Collections programming model (CnC). These specifications are not full programs. Rather, they delineate the communication between components ("steps") that are written in another language such as C++ or Haskell.

You will need to have a compatible CnC runtime implementation (such as Intel Concurrent Collections for C++) that is distributed separately from this program.

If you are looking in this directory, you are probably not using this package through cabal. Currently, this directory contains a Makefile and other scripts that are redundant with the cabal file and will be removed in the future.

Building and running the CnC Spec Compiler:

The main entrypoint for the Spec tool is Intel/Cnc/Spec/Main.hs.

  • OPTION 1: Type "make"

  • OPTION 2: Try ghc --make directly

  • OPTION 3: Try "cabal install" in this directory.

    Unit and system tests:

Once you have built the "cnc" executable, you can run unit tests with:

cnc --selftest

The system tests are under the ./tests_spec/ directory. That directory contains its own Makefile which supports building and running:

cd tests_spec
make run

You may also refer to the README in that directory.

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