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CoFH Feedback Repository

Okay, so here's the deal.

This repository is for tracking bugs and providing suggestions for ALL CoFH mods. It's far easier for us to check one place instead of 6 or 7. Use the issue tracker associated with this repository for bug reports and feature suggestions.

If your game is crashing on startup:
  • The issue is practically guaranteed to be on your end. This is not tech support, please check the IRC. The link is below.
  • Update to Java 8. Uninstall Java 6.
  • Update your mods! Use mods ONLY from
  • Be sure you do not have duplicates of mods.
  • Make sure you've done the above.
  • Seriously, if you are crashing on startup, it is almost certainly something you have done incorrectly.
  • Try to make the crash happen with just CoFH mods - nothing else.
  • If that last step worked, you may have a mod-conflict. Update all of your mods.
  • If you still have an actual issue, report away!
If you want to report a bug:
  • Include the mod name and version.
  • Include a pastebin (or equivalent) link to a list of all your mods.
  • Include the crash log
  • Be descriptive.
  • Be respectful.
  • Use proper grammar and spelling.

If you can't do the above, please do not report any bugs.

If you have a suggestion:
  • Include the mod name.
  • Provide a reason.
  • Be descriptive.
  • Be respectful.
  • Use proper grammar and spelling.

If you cannot do the above, please do not suggest any features.


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