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CoNLL'17 - C2L2

This is the repo for the code to reproduce the experiments and results of the system entry C2L2 in the CoNLL shared task.

For more up-to-date parser under maintenance, please see


  • DyNet 1.1 (tested with commit b7e4f4e1d9129b6b4cef8c3c85da58dac5adc392 )


Example training script calling from bash:

MKL_NUM_THREADS=2 python -m cdparser_multi.cdparser \
- build-vocab $TRAIN_FILE \
- create-parser \
- init-model \
- train $TRAIN_FILE --dev $DEV_FILE \
    --utag True --mst True --aedp True --ahdp True \
- finish --dynet-mem 2000

Example test script calling from Python environment:

parser = CDParser()
parser.load_model(model_file, verbose=False)
parser.predict(graphs, aedp=True)


If you make use of this software in your research, we appreciate you citing the following papers:

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When implementing the first-order graph-based algorithm, we referenced the BiST parser: