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This toolbox provides different tools to analyze complex networks, i.e., networks issues from complex systems or any graph in general. We provide:

  • Degree distribution
  • Knn: average neighbors degree distribution
  • Cnn: average cluster coefficient distribution
  • k-core shells

We deal with several graph types:

  • Undirected
  • Weighted
  • Directed (in a short term)
  • Any combination (in a short term)

We also generate graphs according to different models:

  • Erdös-Renyi
  • Bárabasi-Albert
  • Molloy-Reed
  • FKP-extended


Install Required Dependencies


  • Version 6.3.0 (or greater) of g++ is required. If you have an older version, please update it and set it as default.
  • Version 3.1 (or greater) of cmake is required.


sudo apt-get install build-essential qt5-default cmake


Since there is no default package manager in macOS, you can use Homebrew to install the required packages.

brew install cmake qt

If your compiler is not gcc, you can also download it using Homebrew (brew install gcc).

It is also recommended to download gnuplot from Homebrew:

brew install gnuplot --with-qt


At the project root directory, run the following command:


ComplexNets program will be built at the build directory.


At the project root directory, run the following command:



Make sure you have cloned the vendored googletest by doing:

git submodule update --init

Then, compile and run the tests with the following command:


Dev Environment Configuration

With CMake, it is now possible to import this project in any editor/IDE. Some links you may find useful.

There are many other editors/IDEs that may be used! Some of them are:

  • Sublime Text
  • CodeLite
  • CodeBlocks
  • Vim
  • Emacs

Choose the one you like and import the project as any C++ project!


This toolbox is licensed under the Academic Free License 3.0, and it was developed at the Instituto Tecnológico de Buenos Aires.

The first version was released in 2012.

Project manager: José Ignacio Alvarez-Hamelin

Developer (semester-year)
Carlos Castro 1-2012
Nicolás Bombau 1-2012
Ezequiel Scaruli 2-2012
Pablo Andres Ballesty 2-2012
Alejandro Magnorsky 2-2012
Alan Fabian Idesis 2-2012
Fernando Dávila 2-2012
Luciana Reznik 2-2014
Jose Ignacio Galindo 2-2014
Jaime Alexander Campos Iannacone 2-2015
Juan Pablo Dantur 2-2016
Federico Bond 1-2017
Matías Comercio 1-2018
Gonzalo Ibars Ingman 1-2018
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