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Sopel Github


The easy (and recommended) way: pip install sopel_modules.github

The less-easy way, you must already have Sopel installed to use this method.

git clone
cd sopel-github
pip install .

Out-of-the-box Functionality

Detects when github URLs are posted and takes over URL handling of them, pretty printing details of

  • Commits
  • Issues
  • Issue Comments
  • Pull Requests
  • Repositories

Pretty prints repository details on command, using .gh user/repo or .github user/repo. If you omit the user, it will assume your IRC nick is the user. For example:

<@maxpowa> .gh sopel-github
<Sopel> [Github] maxpowa/sopel-github - Github module for Sopel | 100.0% Python | Last Push: 2015-10-16 - 04:00:32UTC | Stargazers: 0 | Watchers: 0 | Forks: 0 | Network: 0 | Open Issues: 0 |

<+salty> .gh maxpowa/sopel-github
<Sopel> [Github] maxpowa/sopel-github - Github module for Sopel | 100.0% Python | Last Push: 2015-10-16 - 04:00:32UTC | Stargazers: 0 | Watchers: 0 | Forks: 0 | Network: 0 | Open Issues: 0 |

API Keys & Usage

Github APIs have some fairly lenient unauthorized request limits, but you may find yourself hitting them. In order to prevent yourself from hitting these limits (and potentially being blacklisted), you should generate Github API keys for yourself. Fill out the information at and then populate your configuration with your newly generated client key and secret.

IF YOU PLAN ON USING WEBHOOK FUNCTIONALITY: You must properly fill out the "Authorization callback URL" to match the external URL you plan to use for the webhook.

For example, my bot's application configuration Inumuta's application

Webhook Functionality

Webhook functionality is disabled by default. It requires slightly more technical knowledge and configuration may vary depending on your system. There's two ways this may be configured, behind a proxy or exposed to the web.

Configuring behind a proxy

This is the recommended way of configuring the webhook functionality, as there may be security flaws in the other method.

First, configure the github module. You may do so by running sopel --configure-modules or changing the config file directly.

webhook = True
webhook_host =
webhook_port = 3333
external_url =

The above configuration is only listening on localhost (, because I'm using a reverse proxy in nginx to proxy /webhook to port 3333. The reverse proxy configuration would be fairly simple, as shown below. Auth must be included, to match the "Authorization callback URL" you included in generating the API keys.

location ~ /(webhook|auth) {

Configuring exposed to the web

If you're not using a proxy, your config will look something like the below config.

webhook = True
webhook_host =  # Or a specific interface
webhook_port = 3333
external_url =

Creating hooks

As an OP+ in a channel, you may type .gh-hook user/repo. You will see some informational text on what you need to do to finalize the hook, including a link to click to authorize the creation of the webhook. You will be required to authorize the Github application to read/write your webhooks (see L163-164) but this should be the only permissions we need.

<@maxpowa> .gh-hook maxpowa/sopel-github
<Sopel> Successfully enabled listening for maxpowa/sopel-github's events in #inumuta.
<Sopel> Great! Please allow me to create my webhook by authorizing via this link: < link>
<Sopel> Once that webhook is successfully created, I'll post a message in here. Give me about a minute or so to set it up after you authorize. You can configure the colors that I use to display webhooks with .gh-hook-color

After you've authorized the webhook creation, you will be redirected to a simple page informing you that the bot succeeded/failed creating your hook. Assuming it succeeded, you should see a generic message appear in the channel you activated it in.

Customizing hooks

You may customize the colors that each part of the hook takes on. After setting the new colors, Sopel will reply with a sample of the new colors.

For example

<@maxpowa> .help gh-hook-color
<Sopel> .gh-hook-color <repo> <repo color> <name color> <branch color> <tag color> <hash color> <url color>

<@maxpowa> .gh-hook-color maxpowa/Inumuta 13 15 6 6 14 2
<Sopel> [maxpowa/inumuta] Example name: maxpowa tag: tag commit: c0mm17 branch: master url:
<@maxpowa> Unfortunately, IRC colors don't show up on Github.
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