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FAQ: answer question about dim generalization measure

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@@ -1675,5 +1675,56 @@ You can use the example below to correlate two dissimilarity matrices; these can

For analysis at the group level, compute for each participant the correlation between their behavioural ratings, then use a one-sample t-test against a difference of zero.

Use the generalization measure with different durations for training and test set?
'I would like to use the :ref:`cosmo_dim_generalization_measure` but with different time intervals for training and test set. For the training set I have 3 seconds of data per trial, but for the test set only 1 second. How can I run this analysis.'

Please see the code below for an example. It is similar to the documentation of :ref:`cosmo_dim_generalization_measure`, except that in the preparation phase the :ref:`cosmo_dim_transpose` step is done before the :ref:`cosmo_stack` step. This order is also necessary when using :ref:`cosmo_searchlight`.

.. code-block:: matlab

% Generalization over time

% Make some synthetic datat

% select a smaller time period for the testing dataset
% here, only the time period between -0.15 and 0.05 seconds is selected
msk=cosmo_dim_match(test_ds, 'time', @(t) -0.15 <= t & t <= .05);
smaller_test_ds = cosmo_slice(test_ds, msk, 2);

% set chunks;;

% make time a sample dimension
train_ds_tr = cosmo_dim_transpose(train_ds, dim_label, 1);
smaller_test_ds_tr = cosmo_dim_transpose(smaller_test_ds, dim_label, 1);

% construct the dataset
ds_time=cosmo_stack({train_ds_tr, smaller_test_ds_tr});

% set measure and its arguments
% use correlation measure
% dimension of interest is 'time'
% run time-by-time generalization analysis
% the output has train_time and test_time as sample dimensions

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