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In order to run the test, you'll need the KITE Engine (KITE 2.0) from's KITE Github repository

Please follow the instructions to configure and compile the Engine.

Compiling and running tests


If you have already follow the instructions for the KITE Engine, you will have:

  • KITE_HOME is set as the path to where you configured KITE Engine

  • The appropriate path (depends on your OS) is included to you PATH, so that you will have access to these commands:

    • c : compile with maven in your current directory.
    • r : run kite test with a config file.
    • a : open Allure report from the kite-allure-reports folder from your current directory.

If not, you might need to do that first. But you can still compile the project with:

mvn -DskipTests clean install

However, this might give you error, since some of the dependencies for this project, which need to be install to Maven local repository, come from the compilation of the KITE Engine (namely, kite-framework).

Run KITE-Janus-Test Example

Edit the file ./KITE-Janus-Test/configs/local.janus.config.json with your favorite text editor.
You will need to change version and platform according to what is installed on your local grid.

To run the Janus test:

cd %KITE_HOME%\KITE-Janus-Test
r local.janus.config.json

Alternatively, you can launch the test with the full command. On Windows:

-Dkite.firefox.profile="%KITE_HOME%"/third_party/ -cp "%KITE_HOME%/KITE-Engine/target/kite-jar-with-dependencies.jar;target/*" org.webrtc.kite.Engine configs/local.janus.config.json

On Linux/Mac:

-Dkite.firefox.profile="$KITE_HOME"/third_party/ -cp "$KITE_HOME/KITE-Engine/target/kite-jar-with-dependencies.jar:target/*" org.webrtc.kite.Engine configs/local.janus.config.json

Open the dashboard (Allure Report)

When the tests is launched using the above script, it will generate Allure reports in the folder kite-allure-reports.

After running the test, you can open the Allure dashboard with the command a.

cd %KITE_HOME%\KITE-Janus-Test
# or:
allure serve kite-allure-reports\

Your default browser should open automatically on the Allure dashboard page.

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