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A robot for StackOverflow login.
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English version | 中文

This project is for a consecutive visit on If you visit for 30 consecutive days, you can earn Enthusiast badge. And 100 days, Fanatic badge.


By Docker (recommend):

You can build the Docker Image yourself, or use my Image yujiangshui/stackoverflow-login.

Run docker run -e EMAIL="your-email" -e PASS="your-password" -d yujiangshui/stackoverflow-login.

Or, use Docker Compose. Create docker-compose.yml and type the following:

version: '3.1'


    image: yujiangshui/stackoverflow-login
    restart: always
      EMAIL: your-email
      PASS: your-pass

After that, run docker-compose up -d.

By Python

First, install the dependencies in requirements.txt, then, setting up Environment Variables:

  • EMAIL your StackOverflow Account Email
  • PASS your StackOverflow Account Password
  • APPPATH point to this application's path, e.g, export APPPATH=/root/apps/stackoverflow-login

After that, you can choose to set a schedule task by crontab:

crontab -e
# put below command to new tab
0 0 * * * project_path/stackoverflow-login/dev_script/
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