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Collect OSINT from git repositories
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Patrick Hurd, Coalfire Federal

OSINT tool specifically for targetting developers.

What you get:

  • Profile information
  • Commit authorship information
  • See options list for non-default output


  1. sudo apt install ruby
  2. sudo gem install httparty
  3. sudo apt install aha (Required for mine output)
  4. sudo apt install whois (Required for whois output)
  5. Add your GitHub username/password/token to your gitconfig if you plan on mining private repos


Usage: git-user.rb [options]
    -h, --help                       Show this help banner

    -u, --user USERNAME              User to gather info from
    -o, --organization ORGANIZATION  Organization to scrape
    -r, --repo REPO                  The repo whom's contributors to scrape
        --local ABSOLUTE_PATH        Perform scrape on a repo local to your filesystem
        --name NAME                  Name to refer to a --local repo in report filenames

    -a, --auth                       Authenticate with HTTP basic auth
    -t, --token TOKEN                Use specified GitHub personal access token

    -s, --stackoverflow              Try to find users' accounts on StackOverflow
    -p, --pwned                      Search for relevant data breaches using haveibeenpwned
    -e, --extra_checking             Do extra checking on email addresses
    -m, --mine                       Mine the repo or user/organization's repos for secrets
        --whois                      Perform whois lookup on domains found in profile information
    -l, --loud                       Perform active recon on users (scrape their personal site)

        --html                       Output main report to an HTML document
    -w, --wordlist                   Generate wordlist for use in password attacks
    -c, --csv                        Export discovered accounts to a GoPhish-importable CSV file

Add the following line to your .bashrc or .zshrc if you're using zsh to enable argument autocompletion (optional):

complete -W "--help --user --organization --repo --auth --token --stackoverflow --pwned --extra_checking --mine --html --wordlist --whois --loud --csv --local --name" git-user.rb

Example command:

./git-user.rb -t deadb33f... -o Coalfire-Research -r Git-Scrapers -s -p -e -m --html -c

If you have two-factor authentication enabled on your GitHub account, you will need to create and use an application token instead of your password (using -t TOKEN instead of -a).

Repo mining will skip forked repos.

How you can help:

Check out the issues

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