Eclipse plugin to communicate with Sourcetrail
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eSourcetrail is a plugin for Eclipse to communicate with Sourcetrail.


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To work with the plugin you need the project open in your workspace.

Sourcetrail to Eclipse

Right click in Sourcetrail > Set IDE Curor | Eclipse should now open the file and put the cursor in the position form Sourcetrail.

Eclipse to Sourcetrail

Navigate your textcursor to the location.

  • Rightclik eSourcetrail -> Sent Location to Sourcetrail
  • Keybinding (see preferences)


Ports and Ip

In Eclipse in the menu Window -> Preferences -> Sourcetrail Preferences there is a Section for Sourcetrail. You can change the ports and ip. Make sure you use the same settings in Sourcetrail

Keyboard shortcut

Keyboard shortcut for to send a location to Sourcetrail can be set at Window -> Preferences -> General -> Keys Bind the ActivateToken command as you like.


This project is built using Eclipse Tycho ( and requires at least maven 3.0 ( to be built via CLI. Simply run :

mvn install

The first run will take quite a while since maven will download all the required dependencies in order to build everything.

In order to use the generated eclipse plugins in Eclipse, you will need m2e ( and the m2eclipse-tycho plugin ( Update sites to install these plugins :


New Version number

mvn -Dtycho.mode=maven org.eclipse.tycho:tycho-versions-plugin:set-version -DnewVersion=