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Qt Creator Plugin for communication with Sourcetrail

Supported Qt Creator Versions:

  • Qt Creator 4.12.x
  • Qt Creator 4.11.x
  • Qt Creator 4.10.x
  • Qt Creator 4.9.x
  • Qt Creator 4.8.x
  • Qt Creator 4.7.x
  • Qt Creator 4.6.x
  • Qt Creator 4.5.x


Download the libary from Releases and put it into the qtcreator plugins folder. To find out where the folder is located please check Help -> System Information... -> PluginsPath


Sourcetrail Settings

In the menu Tools -> Options ... -> Sourcetrail


In the menu Tools -> Options ... -> Environment -> Keyboard and use the filter to find the Sourcetrail Actions

Building the Plugin

Run the script (curl and 7z needed to run) or look into it to see what is needed to build the plugin.

Creating a new Release

Commit your changes, bump the version number and create a new tag. The CI pipelines will create all the builds and upload them to the new release here on GitHub.