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Whole Hippocampus Atlas

These atlases, and the manual segmentation protocol used to produce them are described in:

Winterburn JL, Pruessner JC, Chavez S, et al. A novel in vivo atlas of
human hippocampal subfields using high-resolution 3 T magnetic resonance
imaging.  Neuroimage. 2013;74:254-65.

To obtain the subject T1 and T2 images for these labels, or for more information, please visit:


Label: 1   - right CA1
Label: 2   - right subiculum
Label: 4   - right CA4/dentate gyrus
Label: 5   - right CA2/CA3
Label: 6   - right stratum radiatum/stratum lacunosum/stratum moleculare
Label: 101 - left CA1
Label: 102 - left subiculum
Label: 104 - left CA4/dentate gyrus
Label: 105 - left CA2/CA3
Label: 106 - left stratum radiatum/stratum lacunosum/stratum moleculare
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