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DevastateMini derivative + Mode-Z colours = Awesome
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Devastate Mode-Z

Based on DevastateMini.

Slight tweaks to DevastateMini for a more cohesive UX, colours and overall feel tweaked to be in-line with my colour scheme.

This theme has primarily been designed with C and C++ in mind, other languages will likely work fine but the syntax highlighting may be incomplete or not what was expected.

DevastateMini + Mode-Z

Ultra-dark neutral theme, combined with Ultra-dark neutral and balanced editor colour scheme with minimal-distractions in mind. Every colour was carefully chosen to minimize colour-clash for faster on-the-fly reading.

In addition this theme utilizes Hashed Syntax Highlighting to further aid in quickly scanning identifiers.


Install with Package Control, or install it manually if you know how.

After installing, you can actiavate the theme either by selecting UI: Select Theme and UI: Select Color Scheme from the command palette (ctrl+shift+p by default) or by adding these lines to your user settings (Preferences: Settings in the command palette, or Menu->Preferences->Settings)

  "color_scheme": "Mode-Z.sublime-color-scheme",
  "theme": "DevastateModeZ.sublime-theme"",


DevastateMini + Mode-Z screenshot

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