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@ZeldaZach ZeldaZach released this Mar 20, 2020

Pre-compiled binaries we serve:
 - Windows 7/8/10 (32-bit)
 - Windows 7/8/10 (64-bit)
 - macOS 10.13 ("High Sierra")
 - macOS 10.14/10.15 ("Mojave" and "Catalina")
 - Ubuntu 18.04 ("Bionic Beaver")
 - Debian 10 ("Buster")
 - Fedora 31

General Notes

We're pleased to announce the newest official release: Cockatrice: Dawn of Hope, Revision 1

We hope you enjoy the changes made and we have listed all changes, with their corresponding tickets, since the last version of Cockatrice was released for your convenience.

If you ever encounter a bug, have a suggestion or idea, or feel a need for a developer to look into something, please feel free to open a ticket. (How to create a GitHub Ticket for Cockatrice)

For any information relating to Cockatrice, please take a look at our official site:

If you'd like to help contribute to Cockatrice in any way, check out our README. We're always available to answer questions you may have on how the program works and how you can provide a meaningful contribution.

Upgrading Cockatrice

  • Run the internal software updater: Help → Check for Client Updates


User Interface

  • More intuitive start directory for settings. #3810
  • Tear off menu settings added. #3926
  • New shortcut for moving top card to stack (Ctrl+Y). #3827
  • New shortcut for marking sideboard ready (Ctrl+Shift+S). #3832
  • Add Pioneer support to deck editor / filters. #3856, #3901
  • Deck hash copy option in game. #3882
  • Hide games from ignored users. #3883
  • Option to get notified when buddies login. #3886
  • New shortcut to focus/un-focus game chat (ESC). #3898

Under the Hood


  • Support new card types. #3816, #3836
  • Support new MTGJSON naming. #3851
  • All languages added. #3896
  • Better handle schemes. #3904


  • Store last password reset time. #3863


  • No updates at this time


  • Thanks for over 250 people contributing to 20+ different languages up to now!
  • Without the help of the community we couldn't offer that great language support... keep up the good work!
  • It's actually very easy to join and help for yourself - find out more here:

Special Thanks

We continue to find it amazing that so many people contribute their time, knowledge, code, testing and more to the project. We'd like to thank the entire Cockatrice community for their efforts, and we'd like to especially recognize @ZeldaZach, @ctrlaltca, @tooomm, @basicer and @ebbit1q for their help in preparing so many amazing new features for the user base.

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