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Cockatrice Project Donations

Donating Time

In any way you should contact us to get you started or provide any additional information.

Donating Money

If you'd still like to make a cash donation, individual server operators or developers can be donated to directly.

Options that we are aware of:

  • Rooster Ranges infrastructure costs
    • Rooster Ranges provides the most popular community server for the Cockatrice project. They also host a testing server used in development.
  • Google Wallet has a "send payment" feature that can be used to send to anyone with a gmail address.
  • Daenyth's Patreon
    • Daenyth (Gavin Bisesi) is primarily responsible for managing the project, creating roadmap definitions, and adding to the code base when he has time.
  • ZeldaZach's PayPal
    • Zach is one of the most active developers of the project and ensures the program has smooth release intervals, while maintaining proper quality assurance. Any funds sent to him will be split among all active and enfranchised developers of the Cockatrice project.


If you'd like to chat with us, come on gitter and we can help you out

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