One minute game guide

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Speeding up the game

To speed up the game, you'll find convenient using some key combinations:

  • Ctrl L = Set life total
  • Ctrl M = Draw your initial 7 card hand / Mulligan
  • Crtl U = Untap all cards
  • Crtl D = Draw card
  • Crtl T = Make token
  • Ctrl W = Scry
  • Ctrl I = Dice roll
  • Ctrl R = Remove arrows
  • Ctrl F3 = Look at sideboard during game (useful for edh)
  • Ctrl F2 = Concede the game

Most players prefer that you finish your turn by clicking on the "End" phase button rather than using the pass action.

Most objects on the board can be right-clicked to show you possible actions. All game actions are available from the "Game" application menu.


Join a limited room, and wait until it fills. When it does, the host will post a link, click it. Set your name by typing /nick Example in the site's chat if you've never done so. In draft, clicking a card once will mark it for autopick when the timer runs out, clicking it again will pick it instantly. You can click picked cards to move them between your main deck and sideboard, shift click to add cards to "junk" and add lands using the menu. When you're done with your deck, click "Make copyable text", and copy it (Ctrl+C) go to the Deck tab, and Load Deck From Clipboard (Ctrl+V). Save it, and play a best of 3 against your opponent (highlighted in red in the Players list on the drafting site) in a seperate room. After a match is concluded, if you won, play a best of 3 against any other player who has also won.

Arrow Drawing

You can draw arrows from one card to another card or player to indicate targeting or any other interaction. You draw arrows by holding right click on a card and then dragging to your target.

  • For a red arrow, right-click and drag.
  • For a green arrow, hold Shift while you right-click and drag.
  • For a blue arrow, hold Alt while you right-click and drag.
  • For a yellow arrow, hold Ctrl while you right-click and drag.

You can erase all your drawn arrows with Ctrl R

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