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  • (NSString *)description { return [@{@"filePath": self.filePath, @"fileName": self.fileName, @"fileAttributes": self.fileAttributes, @"creationDate": self.creationDate, @"modificationDate": self.modificationDate, @"fileSize": @(self.fileSize), @"age": @(self.age), @"isArchived": @(self.isArchived)} description]; }

extra @ character
does not compile


this is the new dictionary syntax and not a bug--please update your compiler!


I just ran into this as well. It seems the new array & dictionary literals syntax requires Xcode 4.4 or newer, but Xcode 4.4 and newer no longer support the Mac OS X 10.6 SDK.

The development requirements listed on the ARC page should probably be updated to reflect this (I know, it's not ARC-specific, but it's the the only place requirements are listed). It could also be added to the ProblemSolution page.

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@morgant thanks for the suggestion, i've updated the ARC section, the ProblemSolution section and the readme

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