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Added ddLogLevel as extern in DDLog.h #162

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When loading CocoaLumberjack via Cocoapods, I've often had problems with duplicate symbol _ddLogLevel when a dependency also has depended upon CocoaLumberjack. My solution is to declare ddLogLevel as extern in the dependency as well as CocoaLumberjack.

Is there any disadvantage to always declaring ddLogLevel as extern in DDLog.h?

Thanks for a great library!


@augustj Glad you enjoy Lumberjack. I'm not sure I follow, from what I know, if you have a Podfile that refers Lumberjack directly and indirectly via another podspec, cocoapods will only download it once (since all pods are living on the same folder structure). How could you get CocoaLumberjack referenced twice?


I think that just defining it as extern, just to say that there will be a ddLogLevel is a good idea.

@rivera-ernesto rivera-ernesto merged commit 6a1f0c1 into CocoaLumberjack:master

Possible downside for people who like to define ddLogLevel as a const:

Xcode/Testing/TestXcodeColors/Desktop/TestXcodeColors/AppDelegate.m:6:18: Redefinition of 'ddLogLevel' with a different type: 'const int' vs 'int'


And another problem with ddLogLevel being static or not...

Xcode/Testing/TestXcodeColors/Desktop/TestXcodeColors/AppDelegate.m:6:12: Static declaration of 'ddLogLevel' follows non-static declaration

I'll revert this pull request for 1.6.3 so we can better test it for 1.6.4.

I'm adding Travis CI support so we can better check pull requests (e.g. errors for this pull request here).

@rivera-ernesto rivera-ernesto referenced this pull request from a commit
@rivera-ernesto rivera-ernesto Revert "Added ddLogLevel as extern in DDLog.h"
This temporarily reverts commit 76114be of #162.

I agree that we should keep looking into it.


Re: SVGKit - if there's something we can change in how SVGkit is using Lumberjack, so that these problems go away, we'll do it ... so long as it has no negative effects on people who aren't using Pods yet.

(we had a couple of attempts at integrating Lumberjack in a cleaner way - e.g. as an externally linked lib, with external config files - before giving up and just embedding the source. I'm not sure we understood the static definition of LOG_LEVEL properly. It seemed to be a big pain for little gain - IIRC we wanted to get rid of it, make Lumberjack behave like a normal lib, but weren't sure how to)

I use LJ on a lot of apps, where the LOG_LEVEL stuff is fine, but when integrating it into a lib, it's a lot more of a head-scratcher. I couldn't find any FAQs on this in the LJ pages, so ... when a contributor got it working as a full embed of source, I gave up and went with it :).


Actually what you could do for your library is to redefine your log macros such as to refer to something else than a global ddLogLevel.

For instance:

#define SVGLogError(frmt, ...)   LOG_OBJC_MAYBE(LOG_ASYNC_ERROR,   svgLogLevel, LOG_FLAG_ERROR,   0, frmt, ##__VA_ARGS__)
// ...

And then use SVGLogXXX inside your library.

You could also let developers using your library to set this svgLogLevel along their app's ddLogLevel.

Finally you could take a look to the wrapper our company is using here.


To check I understand this correctly:

Right now, when I build the library, apps lose the ability to control log-levels of Lumberjack, right?

They are stuck with whatever level was chosen by the person who compiled the library?

...because Lumberjack is architected to only support a single app at a time?

Adding an "svgLogLevel" wouldn't fix anything, because you'd have the exact same problem: as soon as the library is compiled that variable no longer exists.

(bear in mind: most libraries are shipped as static libs, pre-compiled. Few people are compiling from source)



Then you could use something instead of a simple variable to let users specify SVG's log level.

// Custom log macros
#define svgLogLevel     [SVGLog logLevel] // And +setLevel:
#define SVGLogError(frmt, ...)   LOG_OBJC_MAYBE(LOG_ASYNC_ERROR,   svgLogLevel, LOG_FLAG_ERROR,   0, frmt, ##__VA_ARGS__)
// ...

You can check here how a library defines its internal log macros and then allows the user to modify the levels here.

It uses a CocoaLumberjack-based log framework but you could do the same with only CocoaLumberjack.


I think the problem is that ddLogLevel should only be used by the client app and we should add some documentation for third-party frameworks.


As of 1.6.3 this is still a problem if you're using CocoaPods. Using any pod that uses CocoaLumberjack will cause this error (in my case it was MagicalRecord).

@rivera-ernesto rivera-ernesto referenced this pull request from a commit in rivera-ernesto/CocoaLumberjack
@rivera-ernesto rivera-ernesto "Fix" conflicts with 3rd party libraries using CocoaLumberjack
As discussed in #162, there's no solution to sharing `ddLogLevel` between libraries and the client application:

* Apps/libraries may define `ddLogLevel` as a const, extern, int, a function returning an int, etc. Each one incompatible with the other.

* Even more, if apps/libraries used a compatible and shared `ddLogLevel` there would be no way to manage separately log levels from each one.

The solution is to define a `LOG_LEVEL_DEF` by default equal to `ddLogLevel` so apps can continue to work as usual.

3rd party libraries simple redefine `LOG_LEVEL_DEF` to something different:

// #undef LOG_LEVEL_DEF // Undefine first only if needed
#define LOG_LEVEL_DEF myLibLogLevel

3rd party frameworks **need** to be updated.

Fixed by #172.

@augustj augustj referenced this pull request in SVGKit/SVGKit

Please Tag V1.1 for use w/ Cocoapods (if ready) #119

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Commits on Nov 8, 2013
  1. Added ddLogLevel as extern in DDLog.h

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- (BOOL)isOnInternalLoggerQueue;
+extern int ddLogLevel;
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