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MSX Emulator for macOS
C Objective-C C++
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Fixes #37, updates cocoa audio libraries
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Categories Stopped mouse events from being recognized by the emulator on focus l… Feb 9, 2016
Cocoa Fixed keyboard editor Apr 11, 2016
Controllers #38 Closed - completed work on Paste Sep 26, 2016
Documents Replaced app icon Jun 28, 2016
Resources Fixed #44 - Updated to C-BIOS to v0.28 Aug 5, 2017
Src Update CMCocoaSound.m Apr 19, 2018
ThirdParty/MGScopeBar Migrated to ARC Apr 4, 2016
UI #35 Fixed - Completed configurable joystick controls Apr 9, 2016
cocoamsx.iconset Replaced app icon Jun 28, 2016
.gitignore Fixed issue #1 - Filehandle leak eventually crashed the emulator May 26, 2013
CMAppDelegate.m Migrated to ARC Apr 4, 2016
CocoaMSX-Info.plist Fixed #44 - Updated to C-BIOS to v0.28 Aug 5, 2017
CocoaMSX_Prefix.pch Various localization improvements Oct 22, 2013


CocoaMSX is an open source MSX emulator for OS X.



Version 1.61 is the latest stable release. View all releases.


  • Based on blueMSX, one of the most accurate MSX emulators currently available
  • Built-in support for 3 virtual systems, automatic download and installation of over 200 MSX systems
  • Built-in support for cartridge (ROM) files, optional support for diskette (DSK) and cassette (CAS) files
  • Support for pasting text directly into MSX
  • Support for MSX-Music, MSX-Audio, Moonsound, SCC and PSG sound systems
  • Various video effects, such as scanlines and signal noise simulation
  • Snapshots with Finder previews
  • Support for MSX joysticks, joypads and mice
  • Flexible keyboard and input peripheral configuration
  • Screen capture
  • Audio capture
  • Gameplay capture
  • MSX Mouse support
  • Mixing for all six sound channels (PSG, SCC, MSX-Music, MSX-Audio, Moonsound, Keyboard)
  • Full screen support, including enhanced full screen on Lion and higher
  • Automatic updates

System Requirements

Mac OS 10.7 or higher; versions 1.45 and older will also run on OS X 10.6.

Support and Updates

CocoaMSX has a dedicated wiki.

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