@0xe1f 0xe1f released this Aug 14, 2014 · 66 commits to master since this release

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New and Improved Features:

  • Recent Disks and Recent Cassettes options no longer available for systems without disk and cassette support
  • Emulator window now displays name of running machine in the title bar -- #17
  • QuickSave/QuickLoad last saved state - Press Option+Command+S and Option+Command+L to re-save and re-load last loaded state -- #14
  • Added LED's to the status bar for the following: Power, Pause, Ren-Sha Turbo (Joystick auto-fire), Caps Lock, Code (International char mode), Cassette I/O, FDD0 and FDD1 I/O -- #15
  • Added Ren-Sha slider to the status bar -- #15
  • Improved machine selector, with filtering by Install status, Family and Search
  • Updated to latest version of blueMSX emulation core
  • Frames-per-second counter is now optional, can be enabled in the View menu

Bug Fixes:

  • #11 -- International and older versions of OSX should use the same location for App Data as all others
  • #13
  • #16 -- Preferences don't open when machine is shut down
  • #19 -- Caps Lock implementation, Insert key is now usable
  • Fixed crash when launched with file