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The Cocoa Dependency Manager.
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CocoaPods Logo

CocoaPods: The Cocoa dependency manager

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CocoaPods manages dependencies for your Xcode projects.

You specify the dependencies for your project in a simple text file: your Podfile. CocoaPods recursively resolves dependencies between libraries, fetches source code for all dependencies, and creates and maintains an Xcode workspace to build your project.

Installing and updating CocoaPods is very easy. Don't miss the Installation guide and the Getting started guide.

Project Goals

CocoaPods aims to improve the engagement with, and discoverability of, third party open-source Cocoa libraries. These project goals influence and drive the design of CocoaPods:

  • Create and share libraries, and use them in your own projects, without creating extra work for library authors. Integrate non-CocoaPods libraries and hack on your own fork of any CocoaPods library with a simple transparent Podspec standard.
  • Allow library authors to structure their libraries however they like.
  • Save time for library authors by automating a lot of Xcode work not related to their libraries' functionality.
  • Support any source management system. (Currently supported are git, svn, mercurial, bazaar, and various types of archives downloaded over HTTP.)
  • Promote a culture of distributed collaboration on pods, but also provide features only possible with a centralised solution to foster a community.
  • Build tools on top of the core Cocoa development system, including those typically deployed to other operating systems, such as web-services.
  • Provide opinionated and automated integration, but make it completely optional. You may manually integrate your CocoaPods dependencies into your Xcode project as you see fit, with or without a workspace.
  • Solve everyday problems for Cocoa and Xcode developers.


Lovingly sponsored by a collection of companies, see the footer of for an up-to-date list.


All CocoaPods development happens on GitHub. Contributions make for good karma and we welcome new contributors with joy. We take contributors seriously, and thus have a contributor code of conduct.


Link Description Homepage and search for Pods.
@CocoaPods Follow CocoaPods on Twitter to stay up to date.
Blog The CocoaPods blog.
Mailing List Feel free to ask any kind of question.
Guides Everything you want to know about CocoaPods.
Changelog See the changes introduced in each CocoaPods version.
New Pods RSS Don't miss any new Pods.
Code of Conduct Find out the standards we hold ourselves to.


CocoaPods is composed of the following projects:

Status Project Description Info
Build Status CocoaPods The CocoaPods command line tool. guides
Build Status CocoaPods Core Support for working with specifications and podfiles. docs
Build Status CocoaPods Downloader Downloaders for various source types. docs
Build Status Xcodeproj Create and modify Xcode projects from Ruby. docs
Build Status CLAide A small command-line interface framework. docs
Build Status Molinillo A powerful generic dependency resolver. docs
Build Status A full-featured and standalone installation of CocoaPods. info
Master Repo Master repository of specifications. guide
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