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e918e4b @alloy Add Gemfile and Travis config. We'll need to rework the integration spec...
alloy authored
1 language: ruby
2 rvm:
3 - 1.8.7
4 - 1.9.3
b90dddb @alloy Enable Rubinius in 1.9 mode on Travis.
alloy authored
5 # Rubinius in 1.8 mode on Travis does not work. It complains about st_data_t etc in Xcodeproj.
6 #- rbx-18mode
7 - rbx-19mode
1709e04 @alloy Let's see if NOEXEC=skip is enough, I don't want a .noexec.yaml file.
alloy authored
8 install: NOEXEC=skip rake travis:setup
6ee74e0 @alloy Explicitely read external source files (specs|Podfile) as utf-8.
alloy authored
9 script: bundle exec rake spec
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