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language: objective-c
# This is what 10.8.x comes with and we want to support that.
- RVM_RUBY_VERSION=system NOEXEC_DISABLE=1 RUBY_VERSION_SPECIFIC='sudo gem update --system && sudo gem install bundler --no-ri --no-rdoc'
- RVM_RUBY_VERSION=1.9.3 NOEXEC_DISABLE=1 RUBY_VERSION_SPECIFIC='sudo ln -s /usr/bin/llvm-gcc-4.2 /usr/bin/gcc-4.2 && curl -o /usr/local/share/cacert.pem' SSL_CERT_FILE=/usr/local/share/cacert.pem
before_install: source ~/.rvm/scripts/rvm && rvm use $RVM_RUBY_VERSION
install: eval $RUBY_VERSION_SPECIFIC && rake bootstrap[use_bundle_dir]
script: bundle exec rake spec:ci
on_success: change
on_failure: always
- secure: "qOE5zmgaHe/qQu3W9rmj7wygA5Ivl+cx50fqWGag2bdRl8ly5yj1NVoOKk/O\nZmQc4Lze+301uvTXi+r5v8A/tF6W1kUZw7yBiKuXoYFUGmDiVR9o2I/FPwkL\ngSzPJttrXTQfkQ4PbnrkX+JO+5bLWrKaO0hKXT4B2yUu4UXLVk0="
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