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[Rakefile] Don't update repos in order to speed up examples.

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fabiopelosin committed Jun 29, 2012
1 parent aa8d39a commit 613dbc4fa2436f9fd5b83516c5e64d2954ab9654
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@@ -265,7 +265,7 @@ namespace :examples do
Dir.chdir(example.to_s) do
sh "rm -rf Pods DerivedData"
- sh "#{'../../bin/' unless ENV['FROM_GEM']}pod install --verbose"
+ sh "#{'../../bin/' unless ENV['FROM_GEM']}pod install --verbose --no-update"
command = "xcodebuild -workspace '#{example.basename}.xcworkspace' -scheme '#{example.basename}'"
if (example + 'Podfile').read.include?('platform :ios')
# Specifically build against the simulator SDK so we don't have to deal with code signing.

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