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@@ -74,3 +74,14 @@ All CocoaPods development happens on GitHub, there is a repository for [CocoaPod
Follow [@CocoaPodsOrg]( to get up to date information about what's going on in the CocoaPods world.
If you're really oldschool and you want to discuss CocoaPods development you can join #cocoapods on
+# Endorsements
+* “I am crazy excited about this. With the growing number of Objective-C libraries, this will make things so much better.” –– [Sam Soffes](
+* “Are you doing open source iOS components? You really should support @CocoaPodsOrg!” –– [Matthias Tretter](!/myell0w/status/134955697740840961)
+* “So glad someone has finally done this...” –– [Tom Wilson](
+* “Anybody who has tasted the coolness of RubyGems (and @gembundler) understands how cool CocoaPods might be.” –– [StuFF mc](!/stuffmc/status/115374231591731200)
+* “I will be working on getting several of my Objective-C libraries ready for CocoaPods this week!” –– [Luke Redpath](!/lukeredpath/status/115510581921988608)
+* “Really digg how @alloy is building a potential game changer” –– [Klaas Speller](!/spllr/status/115914209438601216)
+* “This is awesome, I love endorsements!” –– [Appie Durán](!/AppieDuran)

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