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NOTE: The workspace code doesn’t actually exist yet, it’s the last thing to do in this branch.
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alloy committed Apr 13, 2012
1 parent fa5d18a commit a4cd83429c74bff114227f5d64fcdc38c9b6c253
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@@ -13,17 +13,29 @@ with, use the `link_with` method like so:
platform :ios
+workspace 'MyFullWorkspace'
link_with ['MyAppTarget', 'MyOtherAppTarget']
dependency 'JSONKit'
target :test, :exclusive => true do
+ xcodeproj 'TestProject'
link_with 'TestRunnerTarget'
dependency 'Kiwi'
_NOTE: As you can see it can take either one target name, or an array of names._
+If no explicit Xcode workspace is specified and only **one** project exists in
+the same directory as the Podfile, then the name of that project is used as the
+workspace’s name.
+If no explicit Xcode project is specified for a target, it will use the Xcode
+project of the parent target. If no target specifies an expicit Xcode project
+and there is only **one** project in the same directory as the Podfile then that
+project will be used.
If no explicit target is specified, then the Pods target will be linked with
the first target in your project. So if you only have one target you do not
need to specify the target to link with.

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