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Update AppleDoc install instructions

@tomaz tagged a new version of AppleDoc which resolves the issue requiring
the `--HEAD` param to `brew`, and @adamv [pulled in the change](Homebrew/legacy-homebrew#14693)
to mxcl/homebrew that both updates to the new code and also uses
the [new compile-time template location](tomaz/appledoc#231)
to avoid the second step.
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1 parent 46d14e0 commit a8cd75d117d136250b7f3a79bc35bb7e8bbf3504 @timshadel timshadel committed Sep 7, 2012
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@@ -33,8 +33,7 @@ $ [sudo] gem install cocoapods
If you want to have CocoaPods generate documentation for each library, then install the [appledoc]( tool:
-$ brew install appledoc --HEAD
-$ ln -sf "`brew --prefix`/Cellar/appledoc/HEAD/Templates" ~/Library/Application\ Support/appledoc
+$ brew install appledoc
Now that you've got CocoaPods installed you can easily add it to your project.

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