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Probably a good idea to run at least the specs as well before releasing.

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1 parent 9428428 commit b4cf71f7e542a1f705f07bba23ca48a37fd8064b @alloy alloy committed Nov 26, 2011
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@@ -59,15 +59,16 @@ namespace :gem do
#sh "sudo macgem compile cocoapods"
- desc "Build and install gem, then commit version change, tag it, and push everything"
+ desc "Run all specs, build and install gem, commit version change, tag version change, and push everything"
task :release do
puts "You are about to release `#{gem_version}', is that correct? [y/n]"
exit if STDIN.gets.strip.downcase != 'y'
lines = `git diff --numstat`.strip.split("\n")
if lines.size == 0
puts "Change the version number yourself in lib/cocoapods.rb"
elsif lines.size == 1 && lines.first.include?('lib/cocoapods.rb')
- # First see if the gem builds and installs
+ # First see if the specs pass and gem builds and installs
+ Rake::Task['spec:all'].invoke
# Then release
sh "git commit lib/cocoapods.rb -m 'Release #{gem_version}'"

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