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[Rakefile] Improvements to gem:release.

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1 parent 84fccd6 commit cc14bd86a890ea48ef5dab4731adc1ecc3661342 @fabiopelosin fabiopelosin committed Jul 6, 2012
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@@ -140,14 +140,12 @@ namespace :gem do
# Ensure that the branches are up to date with the remote
sh "git pull"
- sh "git checkout master"
- sh "git pull"
- sh "git checkout develop"
# Then release
sh "git commit lib/cocoapods.rb -m 'Release #{gem_version}'"
sh "git push origin develop"
sh "git checkout master"
+ sh "git pull"
sh "git merge develop -m 'Release #{gem_version}'"
sh "git tag -a #{gem_version} -m 'Release #{gem_version}'"
sh "git push origin master"

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