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[CHANGELOG] Update for 0.12.0

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-## Master
+## 0.12.0
###### Enhancements
- The documentation is generated using the public headers if they are specified.
-- In case of download failure, now the installation is aborted
- the error message of the external command that failed is presented.
+- In case of a download failure the installation is aborted and the error message is shown.
- Git submodules are initialized only if requested.
- Don’t impose a certain structure of the user’s project by raising if no ‘Frameworks’ group exists. [#431](
- Support for GitHub Gists in the linter.
-- Allow to specify ARC settings in subspecs.
+- Allow specifying ARC settings in subspecs.
- Add Podfile#inhibit_all_warnings! which will inhibit all warnings from the Pods library. [#209](

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