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- the external source changes.
- the head status changes (from disabled to enabled or vice-versa).
- Introduce `pod update` command that installs the dependencies of the Podfile
**ignoring** the lockfile `Podfile.lock`.
- Introduce `pod outdated` command that shows the pods with known updates.
- Add `:local` option for dependencies which will use the source files directly
from a local directory. This is usually used for libraries that are being
developed in parallel to the end product (application/library).
- Folders of Pods which are no longer required are removed during installation.
-- Add meaningful error messages for when:
- - a podspec can’t be found in the root of an external source.
+- Add meaningful error messages
+ - ia podspec can’t be found in the root of an external source.
- a subspec name is misspelled.
- an unrecognized command and/or argument is provided.
- The subversion downloader now does an export instead of a checkout, which
makes it play nicer with SCMs that store metadata in each directory.

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