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[Examples] Remove FileList references [skip ci]

Closes #901
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commit fd46003b3fb10efc804073fb62f27e19fba37d80 1 parent 577a010
@fabiopelosin fabiopelosin authored
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7 examples/Example.podspec
@@ -71,24 +71,17 @@ do |s|
# added to the Pods project. If the pattern is a directory then the
# path will automatically have '*.{h,m,mm,c,cpp}' appended.
- # Alternatively, you can use the FileList class for even more control
- # over the selected files.
- # (See
- #
s.source_files = 'Classes', 'Classes/**/*.{h,m}'
# A list of resources included with the Pod. These are copied into the
# target bundle with a build phase script.
- # Also allows the use of the FileList class like `source_files does.
- #
# s.resource = "icon.png"
# s.resources = "Resources/*.png"
# A list of paths to preserve after installing the Pod.
# CocoaPods cleans by default any file that is not used.
# Please don't include documentation, example, and test files.
- # Also allows the use of the FileList class like `source_files does.
# s.preserve_paths = "FilesToSave", "MoreFilesToSave"
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