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Commits on May 23, 2015
  1. @mrackwitz
Commits on May 20, 2015
  1. @segiddins
Commits on May 18, 2015
  1. @segiddins

    Merge pull request #3533 from CocoaPods/kylef/pod-push-json

    segiddins authored
    [pod repo push] Discover and push JSON specs while pushing from a directory
Commits on May 10, 2015
  1. @mrackwitz

    Merge pull request #3548 from CocoaPods/mr-minor-resolver-refactoring

    mrackwitz authored
    [Resolver] Move side-effect of storing head pods from #specs_by_target
  2. @mrackwitz
  3. @mrackwitz
Commits on May 7, 2015
  1. @kylef

    [pod repo push] Find JSON podspecs

    kylef authored
    Closes #3494
  2. @kylef
  3. @segiddins

    [PodSourceInstaller] Allow opting out of pod source locking

    segiddins authored
    Projects opened via pod try are now editable
    Closes CocoaPods/cocoapods-try#31
Commits on May 6, 2015
  1. @segiddins

    Release 0.37.1

    segiddins authored
  2. @segiddins
  3. @kylef

    Revert "[CHANGELOG] Mention #3501"

    kylef authored
    This reverts commit 28c5c44.
  4. @segiddins

    Merge pull request #3523 from CocoaPods/seg-config-with-changes

    segiddins authored
    [Config] Add #with_changes
  5. @segiddins

    Merge pull request #3522 from CocoaPods/seg-skip-downloader

    segiddins authored
    [Downloader] Actually allow skipping the cache entirely
  6. @segiddins
  7. @segiddins
  8. @segiddins
  9. @segiddins

    Merge pull request #3509 from CocoaPods/seg-no-umbrella-with-module-map

    segiddins authored
    [PodTargetInstaller] Don't generate an umbrella header when a custom mod...
  10. @segiddins

    [IntegrationSpecs] Update for not generating an umbrella header when …

    segiddins authored
    …there is a custom module map
  11. @segiddins
  12. @segiddins

    Merge pull request #3524 from CocoaPods/seg-manifest-write

    segiddins authored
    [Installer] Copy Podfile.lock to Manifest.lock rather than using #wri…
  13. @segiddins
  14. @segiddins

    Merge pull request #3498 from CocoaPods/mr-fix-download-cache

    segiddins authored
    [Cache] Fix the cache to handle re-downloads properly
  15. @segiddins

    Merge pull request #3514 from mglidden/mglidden-3501

    segiddins authored
    Just remove write permissions from files, so executables are unaffected
  16. @segiddins

    [Config] Add #with_changes

    segiddins authored
  17. @mglidden
  18. @kylef
  19. @kylef

    [CHANGELOG] Mention #3501

    kylef authored
  20. @kylef

    Merge pull request #3506 from dbarden/installer_broken_symlink

    kylef authored
    [Installer] Check for regular file on lock
  21. @mrackwitz
  22. @mrackwitz
  23. @orta

    Merge pull request #3483 from jhersh/updates-msg

    orta authored
    [UI] Disambiguate gem and pod updates
  24. @dbarden
  25. @dbarden

    [Installer] Check for regular file on lock

    dbarden authored
    This patch check if a file is a regular file instead of checking if the file is a
    It fixes a crash when the file being analysed is a broken symbolic link.
  26. @segiddins

    Merge pull request #3486 from lembacon/source-file-extensions

    segiddins authored
    [Sandbox::FileAccessor] Add missing `.cc` extension for C++ to `SOURCE_FILE_EXTENSIONS`.
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