Add xcdatamodeld resource file as `XCVersionGroup` instead of simple `PBXFileReference` #1155

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AliSoftware commented Jul 1, 2013

When adding a xcdatamodeld file to the resources of a Podspec, the datamodel is included in the generated Pods.xcodeproj/project.pbjproj as a regular file entry instead as a XCVersionGroup entry.

As a consequence, the content of the xcdatamodeld file can't be displayed in Xcode (when selecting it in the Project Navigator, its contents does not shows up in the main editor). Removing and adding the xcdatamodeld file manually from the Pods project resolves this (but needs to be done manually after each pod update).

Note: I've looked at the code and it's probably just some conditional code in Pod::Installer::FileReferencesInstaller to create a XCVersionGroup instead of a simple PBXGroup/PBXFileReference when dealing with xcdatamodeld files? but I'm not confortable enough with Ruby to propose a pull request yet, sorry…

(See also #795)

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