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Pod Resource Bundles not copied to app bundle for xcodebuild install actions #1364

chrisgummer opened this Issue Sep 12, 2013 · 1 comment

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Pods that have a resource bundle are not being copied to the DSTROOT (Installation Build Products Location) location when xcodebuild is run using the "install" action.

Currently a pod's resource bundle is copied to the following location:


I'm not sure if this is correct, but to work around this issue I've added the following line to the generated file:

if [[ "${ACTION}" == "install" ]]; then
rsync -avr --copy-links --no-relative --exclude '/.svn/' --files-from="$RESOURCES_TO_COPY" / "${INSTALL_DIR}/${UNLOCALIZED_RESOURCES_FOLDER_PATH}"

I am using version 0.24.0.

The command to execute the build I'm using is:

xcodebuild -scheme my-project-scheme -sdk iphonesimulator6.1 -workspace my-project.xcworkspace -configuration Debug build CONFIGURATION_BUILD_DIR=/tmp/build install DSTROOT=/tmp/build/install

#1309 fixes issues around the copying of resource bundles, but this appears to be an additional edge case.

CocoaPods member

Sounds good to me, do you mind submitting a pull request and crediting yourself in the Changelog?

@chrisgummer chrisgummer pushed a commit to chrisgummer/CocoaPods that referenced this issue Sep 14, 2013
Chris Gummer Update CHANGELOG for #1364 31ddbdd
@alloy alloy pushed a commit that closed this issue Sep 14, 2013
Chris Gummer Ensure resource bundles are copied to installation location on instal…
…l actions. Fixes #1364
@alloy alloy closed this in f08e7d5 Sep 14, 2013
@fabiopelosin fabiopelosin added a commit that referenced this issue Sep 23, 2013
@fabiopelosin fabiopelosin Merge branch 'master' into pods-project-edit-feature
* master:
  [README] Use proper wording for ‘sponsors’.
  [Bundle] Update with Xcodeproj 0.11.1
  Release 0.25.0
  [Bundle] Bump Xcodeproj to 0.11.0
  [CHANGELOG] Add link to Xcode 5 PR.
  [CHANGELOG] Update for 0.25.0
  [Examples] Set ONLY_ACTIVE_ARCH to NO for iOS builds
  [Examples] Update to Xcode 5 default project settings to fix CI build.
  [Project] Make all Xcode 5 project validations green.
  [Analyzer] Do not warn about multiple `ARCHS` if there are none at all.
  Update integration spec fixtures.
  Update CHANGELOG for #1364
  Ensure resource bundles are copied to installation location on install actions. Fixes #1364
  [Generator::Xcconfig] Add support for XCTest
  [TargetInstaller] Set the architecture according to the value of the user targets
  Add support for Xcode 5
  [Xcodeproj] Update
  Fix specs
  Rework resource bundle target creation so that a single common resource bundle target is shared by all targets. fixes #1338

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