Absolute Path in Pods.xcconfig for vendored_library included via :path #1405

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My project structure looks like this:

  • MyProj
    • Pods folder
    • myproj folder
      • external folder
        • MyExternalLib folder
          • libMyExternalLib.a
          • MyExternalLib.podspec
    • Podfile
    • myproj.xcworkspace

In the Podfile, I reference the podroot like this:
pod 'MyExternalLib', :path => 'myproj/external/MyExternalLib'

Everything fine so far, compiles ok, upload to SCM.
Cheking out from SCM on another location, the project does not compile anymore, as there are absolute paths in Pods.xcconfig for the LIBRARY_SEARCH_PATHS.

How can I have relative paths there to make the project portable?

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This is a bug. If you would like the speed up the resolution of this ticket a sample project which showcases the issue might be helpful.


I've created a new project with a dummy :file pod. The first commit is before pod install, the second afterwards. The above described problem in Pods.xcconfig also occurs here.


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@fabb 👍


Awesome speed 👍

Any plan when this will be released in a new gem version?

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