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Add .notice in pod specification to add have ability to notifi user while installing pod #1573

Fl0p opened this Issue Nov 11, 2013 · 3 comments

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Fl0p commented Nov 11, 2013

.pre_install and .post_install is depricated now
also .prepare_command running silent
so i have no ability to show any notice to user.

CocoaPods member
alloy commented Nov 11, 2013

The inability to show messages to users is intentional, as we want to keep the output free from any noise. Any reason to change our opinion on this would have to be extremely convincing, which is why I’m closing the ticket for now. However, if you feel you do have such an argument, please do follow-up with the context and reasoning.

@alloy alloy closed this Nov 11, 2013
Fl0p commented Nov 11, 2013

First point - Pods update

when user use pods without pointing version or when minor version updates

pod 'SomePodFoo', '~> 1.2.3'
pod 'SomePodBar', '~> 2.6.1'
pod 'SomePodUpdated', :inhibit_warnings => true
pod 'SomePodOld', '~> 5.0.1'

When it will run pod update it looks like:

Using SomePodFoo (1.2.3)
Installing SomePodBar (2.6.2)
Installing SomePodUpdated (10.99.107)
Using SomePodOld (5.0.1)

Nice to have an ability to warn user about something for example:

Using SomePodFoo (1.2.3)
Installing SomePodBar (2.6.2)
Notice SomePodBar old Resource.png was removed, Required to create and add Resource.png in your target
Installing SomePodUpdated (10.99.107)
Warning!!! SomePodUpdated not compatible with versions older 10.58.xx
Using SomePodOld (5.0.1)

Second point - Pods installation

Sometimes is is need to show some info about pod or/and any requirements to user
Just an example look in MoPubClient subspecs (Chartboost / Greystripe / InMobi / Vungle )
This sources SHOULD BE EDITED before using
User MUST change some defines in it
#define kVungleAppID @"YOUR_VUNGLE_APP_ID"
So it is good to show message about this to user during pod installation
User must keep this edited files under the version control even if he have Pods/ in .gitignore
So i want to have an ability to show message about this something like:

Installing MoPubSDK (
Installing MoPubClient/Vungle (
Message Don't forget to edit VungleInterstitialCustomEvent.m and keep this file under version control

This .notice should be useful to message/notice/warning during pods update/installation

@alloy ?

CocoaPods member

First point:

Patch versions are not expected to bring any braking change like these. Breaking updated, as identified by SemVer, are breaking by definition and thus require to visit an adequate resource (ideally the changelog). In that regard some short terminal output which could be missed by the user would not help.

Second point:

We don't want that. This is usually a limitation of the Pod. For example configuration is better handled at runtime that with pragma marks.

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