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Full testing on clean OS instals #1591

mileswright opened this Issue · 6 comments

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While attempting to help a friend install AFNetworking 2.0 (specific pod is likely irrelevant) via CocoaPods was getting an error that the highest version available was 1.3.x and earlier versions.

It wasn't until we installed one of those earlier versions that we got an error message that we could do anything with. The error message at that point indicated that Git was not installed.


I don't understand how CocoaPods was able to clone the master repo without git. Was an OS update involved?


Btw, thanks for the detailed report. This specific issue should disappear once we implement an API for the specs repo.


Related #1592.


I have no idea how it would have pulled any information at all, but it was able to install the 1.3.x version of AFNetworking on his computer and then after the install message for that pod it printed out a message that indicated that Git was not installed.


Very strange. CocoaPods should have aborted when it tried to perform the setup. Every time that we use an external executable we check if it is available in the path of the user and abort in that case.

I'm closing this ticket as it would be solved by #1592 and I consider it a case of a very subtle user error (because not only there was a copy of the specs repo but also because CocoaPods managed to install AFNetworking 1.3. which would have been impossible without git).


Thanks for the detailed repot though. Moreover if you are able to find more, I would be very interested in hearing it.

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