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Unable to find a specification error #1600

foFox opened this Issue · 3 comments

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Robert Lis Fabio Pelosin Carson McDonald
Robert Lis

I have a strange issue. I am using pod file with AFNetowrking 2 & and a fork of AFOAuth2Client.

The current file looks like :

pod 'AFNetworking'
pod 'AFOAuth2Client’, :git => ‘'

When I run pod install I get this error :

[!] Unable to find a specification for AFOAuth2Client’, :git => ‘

The podspec file is present in the fork.

Seems like a bug.

Fabio Pelosin


Carson McDonald

It looks like the issue here is that the characters after AFOAuth2Client and before https aren't quotes. The error message is telling you it can't find the specification named "AFOAuth2Client’, :git => ‘" but if it was an issue with the spec if would be just "AFOAuth2Client". I don't think this is a bug.

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